Centrifugal pumps


The Fristam FPR is a high performance sanitary centrifugal pump. FPR pump allows production personnel to service the pump in place—without special tools. FPR pumps handle flow rates up to 7 560 l/h.

– High efficiency
– Low maintenance
– Long seal life
– Quiet operation
– Reliability and durability


FPX centrifugal pump delivers the same high performance as the FPR. FPX is made of stainless steel. Fristam pump features an internal seal that ensures cooling and lubrication of the product. Fristam pumps run smoothly and quietly.

Centrifugal high pressure pumps


Fristam FPHs and FPHPs are centrifugal high-pressure pumps. These models were designed specifically for recirculation and handling high process line pressures. As recirculation pumps, they offer greater flexibility when designing or upgrading your system.