Pomac pumps have been specially designed for conveying fluids from the low-viscosity to the high-viscosity range. The aseptic and sterility-related specifications are met. They are top-quality in the world thanks to wide range of models and rich spectrum of applications: whether it is chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and beverage industry.

Pumps with rotary lobes – for high-viscosity media, PLP series

PLP series, the standard model series: pump used for hygienic standard applications up to highly complex sterile applications

– Low-pressure product conveying
– High speed
– Low noise level
– Wide application range
– Suitable for extreme ambient conditions (-/+ 0 to 200 °C)
– Suitable for relatively large solids content
– Delivered flow rate: 100 000 l/h
– Pressure: 20 bar

PLP series, hygienic model series: applications in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

– Large intake opening
– Surfaces < /= 0.8 µ
– Selection of five different shaft seals
– Easy exchange with other seal designs
– Easy configuration of rotor tolerances

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pump – CP

This pump is used for pumping fluids with high viscosity. Max. flow rate is 300 m3/h at the pressure of 13 bar. The pump is tested and certified in accordance with EHEDG standards.

Centrifugal pump – CP/ZA

This pump is used as an extension for CP model. Max. flow rate is 200 m3/h at the pressure of 9 bar.

Centrifugal pump – ZA

Self-priming pump. Max. flow rate is 60 m3/h at the pressure of 5 bar.