Diaphragm metering pumps

LEWA Ecoflow

Universal metering pump with the diaphragm protection system (DPS) in a tried-and-tested modular system. LEWA ecoflow pump is the most advanced diaphragm metering pump in the world. It is maximally safe and doesn´t harm the environment

– Flow rate up to 10 m3/h per pump head
– Discharge pressure up to 1200 bar

LEWA Ecodos

A standard diaphragm metering pump for the low-pressure range with a mechanically actuated 4-layer PTFE diaphragm that provides reliable safety.

– Flow rate up to 1.5 m3/h per pump head
– Discharge pressure up to 20 bar

LEWA Microflow Metering Pumps

Micro-metering pumps with a hydraulically actuated metal diaphragm used mainly in laboratories and for process research in prototype devices.

– Flow rate up to 68 l/h per pump head
– Discharge pressure up to 560 bar

Process diaphragm pumps

LEWA diaphragm pumps for high-pressure process engineering set the standard for tightness in the high-pressure range. These pumps allow critical, toxic, or flammable fluids to be conveyed safely, and are also able to handle extremely low-viscosity media and abrasive suspensions. Pressure range is up to 1 200 bar.

Pump head with PTFE diaphragm up to 350 bar (M500)

Pump head with PTFE diaphragm up to 800 bar (M800)

Pump head with metal diaphragm up to 1 200 (M400)

Plunger pumps

LEWA plunger pumps are highly efficient metering pumps that deliver high volumetric precision. They are therefore used in selected processes in the oil and gas industry.

– Pressure up to 3 500 bar
– Flow rate up to 140 m3/h (620 GPM)
– Temperature up to 200 °C (392 °F)
– Viscosity up to 2 000 mPa
– High efficiency
– Innovative technology of the seal
– Reliable performance