Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are widely used in the water industry, industrial and agricultural facilities, mainly for conveying water. They are designed for conveying clean water without mechanical impurities. When pumping contaminated fluids, shorter durability of mechanical seal is expectable. Typical usage of pumps is in the water industry, both for main or subsidiary filling stations, also for booster stations for increasing pressure in water pipe systems, industry, energetics and agriculture for supplying water to different facilities. S-LV centrifugal pumps are suitable for pumping of pure liquids, without mechanical impurities. They are mainly used for pumping flammable liquids, diesel, gasoline, petroleum, alcohol, kerosene and benzole mixture.

– high operational reliability
– simple design
– easy operation and maintenance
– even coverage of working areas
– stable characteristics
– wide unification of spares
– mechanical gland seal

Available in following types: 250-BQV, 32-CVXU, 32-CVXV, 40-CVX, 40-CVXV, 400-BQO, 50-CVX, 65-CVX, 80-SVA, CVE, DE, H-V-HD, LV, S-LV, SVA, SVD, V-D, V-HD.

Rotary displacement pumps

Rotary displacement pumps are designed for pressurized conveying of clean oils in various lubrication, cooling or low-pressure oil hydraulic systems in devices or machines. They are able to transport also other self-lubricating non-corrossive fluids without mechanical impurities. They are applied mainly in gearboxes, diesel engines, steam turbines, compressors, machine tools and similar. T-RPT type rotary displacement pumps are designed for pumping of viscous fluids with kinematic viscosity from 20 mm^2/s to 65 000 mm^2/s and up to maximum temperature of 220 °C. Products that can be pumped are oils, tar, lubricating grease, varnishes, soaps, adhesives, water glass, asphalt and in the food industry syrups, juices, molasses, mayonnaises, fats and many other viscous fluids.

Available in following types: EAB, EAD, FAC, FAD, FAT, RPP, T-RPT, ZOL, ZOP, ZOT, ZPG, ZTL, ZVS.

Plunger pumps

Horizontal high-pressure plunger pumps are designed for pumping of clean water, emulsions, oils and other chemically inactive fluids and solutions with pH values ranging from 6 – 8, with maximum content of 1 % of non-abrasive additives with maximum grain size up to 0.05 mm and temperature to 50 °C. Pumps are suitable as a source of pressurized medium in hydraulic circuits in machine tools, pumping stations and devices for clean-up and remediation works with high-pressure water jet with performance up to 110 kW. For their compact design and low weight, pumps are particularly suitable for buildings in mobile facilities. Horizontal high-pressure plunger pumps PCX belong to the group of pumps for special operation. They are designed for pumping of chemically active media without mechanical impurities, with temperature to 120 °C, maximum viscosity to 45mm^2/s and pressure to 400 bar, in special cases to 800 bar. Pumps are suitable as a source for pressurized medium in chemical or other heavy operations.

Available in following types: PAD, PAH, PAR, PAS, PAX-3-100, PAX-3-160, PAX-3-30, PAX-3-40, PAX-3-60, PCD, PCR, PCX.